Repair your Jeans with Vintage-Patch

Don't consign your much loved jeans to the bin – repair them with a patch from Vintage-Patch.  Vintage-Patch patches are easy to apply, and each pack includes a test sample for a trial run.

Here are some repair ideas to choose from: Denim Patches
(available in oval, rectangle, square, heart and flower shapes and in faded, mid blue and dark blue tones). 

Vintage-Patch Heart Jeans Repair tear small small
This is a small tear, and we’re going to use a heart shaped patch to cover it.

Vintage-Patch Heart Jeans Repair tear ironed flat
Iron area to be repaired so any flaps are lying flat.

Vintage-Patch Heart Jeans small small
Check the patch is large enough to cover the tear – this heart shaped dark denim one we’ve chosen is plenty big enough.

Vintage-Patch Heart Jeans repair peel off backing small
Carefully peel away the backing paper from the patch.

Vintage-Patch Heart Jeans Repair shiney glue backing small
Place patch in position shiny (glue) side down

Vintage-Patch Heart Jeans Repair ironing small
Iron over patch with medium to hot iron briefly to adhere into correct position.

Vintage-Patch Jeans Reverse Repair iron using damp cloth small
Then, using a dry or slightly damp cloth, press and hold the iron for 20 – 30 seconds on each section, until the pressing cloth and garment are dry (or until entire piece is well bonded). Press patch from from both front and back and pay attention to the edges – but avoid lifting them to test for fix while the fabric is hot.

Vintage-Patch Heart Jeans Repair Completed small
Lay the fused parts flat and allow to cool for about 20 minutes.

Vintage-Patch Machine straight stitched Jean Reverse Repair small
Finish off your patches with some stitching around the edges – either by hand or machine. It will make the world of difference to how your patches look and last. This is a machined straight stitch.

Vintage-Patch zig zag machined denim heart elbow or knee patch small
Machine Zig Zag stitch

Vintage-Patch Jeans Repair Newsprint Oval Patch ironed on small
Cotton Patches: Applied in the same way as denim patches, though they may require less ironing time, our cotton patches are thinner so not quite as hard wearing, but are brilliant for customising and there are loads to choose from to get a totally unique look!
Vintage-Patch Jeans Light Blue Floral Reverse Repair small
Reverse Repair Patches: Our Reverse Repair Patch Kit has been designed for when you want to repair a hole in fabric from underneath. The kit contains matching size squares of fabric and iron on adhesive. To find out more, see our Reverse Repair Patches Instructions.

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