How to use our Jeans Repair Undercover Patches

Our JEANS REPAIR Undercover Patches have been designed for when you want to repair a hole in fabric from underneath.

Vintage-Patch Jeans Reverse Patch Repair Tear 1 small

Patches are available in denim – Faded, Mid and Dark Blue, Black and Grey, and Floral Lightweight Cotton.


1. Ensure your patch is large enough. It’s essential to have plenty of margin around the hole you need to repair so there is adequate room for glue coverage. There should be no adhesive showing through on the right side of the fabric when the patch is in position.  Patch kits come in three sizes, Small (max 3cm tear), Medium (max 6.5cm tear) and Large (max 10.5cm tear).

Vintage-Patch Jeans Reverse Repair small

As an example, the white square below looks pretty large, but it would not be wide enough for the aperture unless placed diagonally. If the hole or tear is untidy and you want to cut a more uniform aperture, take this into account when ordering the correct patch size.

Vintage-Patch Jeans Reverse Repair size of patch small
2. Peel off adhesive backing paper from the Jeans Repair Undercover Patch. You should clearly see the layer of glue coverage around the edges once you’ve removed the paper.

3. Place fabric patch behind the hole in the garment face up.   Make very sure that there is no glue showing around the edges of the aperature as this could  stick to the hot iron and make a mess. Vintage-Patch Jeans Reverse Repair Position fabric underneath hole carefully small
4. With a hot dry iron, press over the hole briefly for initial fix, then press for 20 – 60 seconds  from both sides of the repair until a good fix has been achieved. Vintage-Patch Jeans Reverse Repair iron from back small
5. The finished repair.  Providing your Reverse Patch has been applied correctly, the glue used for it should give a good fix for items washable at 40 degrees without further sewing, but tumble drying with heat may loosen the bond. Therefore, for a better finished appearance and maximum strength through many washes and wears, we always recommend sewing around your repair by hand or machine.
Vintage-Patch Jeans Reverse Repair small
Running stitch using contrast embroidery floss.
Vintage-Patch running stitched Jean Reverse Repair small
Why not try a chain stitch or other decorative embellishment.
Vintage-Patch running and chain stitched Jean Reverse Repair small

*Tumble drying is not recommended for unstitched patches.

Stitching is required for:

Items dried using a tumble dryer
Heavy duty items that are frequently laundered
Loose weave, textured, napped or moderately stretchy fabrics.
Our patches are not suitable for
Nylon, fabrics with waterproof or special finishes or very stretchy fabrics


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