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WIN a set of Vintage-Patch Elbow or Knee Patches of your choice in our end of year Giveaway

Vintage-patch giveaway choice examples blues purples small

Who wants a set of these fun and easy (iron on) elbow or knee patches, FREE? Just enter our Vintage-Patch Giveaway for a set of your choice (lots more designs available to choose from at We have one set up for grabs for every 50 entries, so share far and wide for a greater chance to win.

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December refashion: Frumpy cardigan to seasonal star

Makeover time!  Couldn’t resist this frumpy cardi from the charity shop this morning.  Although the style is dated, it’s pure wool and in really good condition. Hmmm, which way are the refashion cogs turning…. maybe a seasonal twist?  Christmas sweaters are on trend at the moment, so let’s follow that theme.

Light blue wool cardi small before vintage patch
Added some front darts to improve the shape

light blue wool cardi after vintage patch darts

The grey polkadot fabric of these star shaped elbow patches are reminiscent of snowflakes.

Light blue wool cardi small after vintage patch elbow patch

Add some smaller star shape applique patches to one pocket
Light blue wool cardi small after vintage patch pocket

Finish off by replacing the naff gold buttons with these gorgeous fabric covered ones.

Light blue wool cardi small after vintage patch buttons

Voila…we’re ready for Christmas Day!

Light blue wool cardi small after vintage patch shirt and belt





This was a quick refashion, taking not much more than an hour using Vintage-Patch iron on star shaped elbow patches and appliques – and some fabric covered buttons. The darts weren’t really necessary, but help shaping of the garment.  To see some of our range of patches, visit, or if you’d like a bespoke patches (or covered buttons) order, just email with an idea of what you’re looking for.

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How to apply Vintage-Patch iron on elbow or knee patches

Vintage-Patch patches are easy to apply, and each pack includes a test sample for a trial run.

1.  Ensure the garment you wish to apply patches to can be ironed at medium to maxium iron temperature.

vintage patch instructions iron temp
2. Decide on positioning.  For elbow or knee patches, it’s a good idea to put the garment on, bend your arm or leg and mark your elbow or knee position on the garment with a pin.
vintage patch instructions pin into position

3. Once you’ve placed the patch in a position you are happy with, match up with the other sleeve or leg  carefully so patches are equally positioned. vintage patch instructions match patches 1

4. Mark position with pins (or chalk, sparingly!).vintage patch instructions mark position

5. then peel off backing paper and lay patch, coated side down in the required position.vintage patch instructions peel off backing

6. For lightweight cotton patches heat iron to medium/maximum (depending on your garment), then press and hold iron for 6 – 10 seconds on each section (or until entire piece is well bonded), paying attention to the edges. 

vintage patch instructions press patch

Although with lightweight fabrics you can iron straight on top of the fabric, we always recommend using a damp ironing cloth (a thin tea towel works well) over the patch as it gives a more reliable bond. IMPORTANT.  The use of a damp cloth for thicker fabrics such as our denim or corduroy patches is essential. For these, heat your iron to maximum and iron patches on using the damp cloth and pressing for 6 – 30 seconds over all parts of the patch from the top, and then for an additional 6 – 30 seconds from the back of the project (or until the patch is well bonded). The steam from the ironing cloth helps the adhesive to set. Leave to dry, then check to ensure a firm bond has been achieved and stitch around patches for a permanent fix.

Vintage-Patch Valentines Sweater Iron on with cloth.jpg

7. Lay the fused parts flat and allow to cool for about 20 minutes.

8. After 2 – 3 washes, the adhesive bond may begin to weaken on some fabrics, so we strongly recommend further securing the patch by stitching around the edges.  This can be done by machine using a zig zag setting,  or hand stitching –  a simple running stitch in matching or contrast thread  is quick and easy.  Alternatively hand sew using a blanket stitch for a traditional finish, which maintains a cleaner edge on patches made from fray-prone fabrics like denim or corduroy.

Below: Patch secured with Running Stitch
vintage patch small star applique running stitch

Below: Patch secured with Blanket Stitch.

vintage patch star elbow patch blanket stitch

Here are two links for stitch instructions:  and

9. Vintage-Patch fabrics are prewashed for colourfastness, but we do recommend that if strongly coloured patches are applied to light coloured garments, you add a ‘colour catcher’ cloth to the first couple of washes.  Our fabrics are suitable for machine or hand washing at 40 degrees.

During the coming weeks we will be expanding our range of multi size and shape patches suitable for customising / personalising t shirts, sweaters, skirts, bags and much more.  Great as an unusual gift idea or a party activity pack for all ages.  Check out our brand new website at  for new designs added weekly and FREE p&p on orders over £10!

LIKE our brand new Facebook  page for a chance to win a free set of patches in our monthly giveaway and keep up to date with our latest products and offers.

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A patch in time

cropped navy floral elbow patchJeans through at the knee?  Is your sweater wearing thin at the elbows? Make do and mend has evolved from necessity to a popular trend and these days, patching your clothes can be far from boring; you don’t even need a repair job to make use of them!

Plain leather or suede is traditional for elbow patches (well if it’s good enough for Doctor Who…)  but you could also opt for a great cotton print to give your garment a cute or quirky new look.

Blue folk stripe knee patch used on leggings

Vintage-Patch specialises in unique and unusual iron on cotton print elbow, knee and appliqué patches, and because we love recycling, many of our patches are made from reclaimed or vintage fabrics, as well as new.

The purpose of this blog is to share ideas and tutorials on the many creative ways our patches and appliqués can be used to enhance all types of clothing, whether you are sewing enthusiast or crafter already, or just setting out in the world of refashion and upcycling.

Ready to buy some patches?  Visit our website at to find a selection of designs for every occasion.  If you can’t find what you are looking for in our store, no problem – just email us with what you want and we’ll do our best to help.