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Customer Elbow Patch Refashion

Hoodie 1 
We were thrilled to receive these photos of an elbow patch refashion carried out by one of our customers who says, "One of my favourite tops lives to see another day." Doesn’t the Cream Daffodil Print fabric look brilliant on this ivory top, and top marks for the neatness of your blanket stitching Suzanne!

Hoodie 3 Hoodie 2







Vintage-Patch is in the process of setting up a website gallery, and would LOVE to receive any photos of how customers have used our patches.  Email us your photos at [email protected]

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Wine Plaid Shoulder Patch T-Shirt Refashion

It took a spell of warm weather to realise how overdue I was in dealing with the quantity of t shirts mounting up in my ‘refashion’ pile.  I’d been thinking that a set of elbow patches could easily double as shoulder patches. Now was my chance to test the theory.

Wine T Shirt Before Vintage Patch Refashion
Before:  I’ve had this t shirt a while but I’m quite fond of the scoop neck, so decided to see if it could be given a new lease of life.

Wine T Shirt After Vintage Patch Refashion 
After: With the help of some plaid elbow patches and some matching scrap fabric,  I’m pleased to say that it could.

Here’s how the refashion happened:

Wine T Shirt Plaid Patchc Vintage Patch Refashion
These Vintage-Patch Plaid Elbow / Knee patches were a great colour match.

Wine T Shirt Fold Patch Down Centre Vintage Patch Refashion
Fold patches down the centre

Wine T Shirt Align patch along seam Vintage Patch Refashion
Align the fold of the patch along the shoulder seam and pin into position.

Wine T Shirt Mark Neck and Sleeve Lines Vintage Patch Refashion
Mark the neck and sleeve lines; I’ve used a wheel, but you could just fold the patch along the curves to mark them.

Wine T Shirt Match Second patch Vintage Patch Refashion

Cut the patch to shape, and then with right sides together (and matching any patterns if necessary), use it as a template to cut the second patch.

Wine T Shirt Neck and Sleeve Lines Trimmed Vintage Patch Refashion 
The trimmed patch placed in position.

Wine T Shirt iron shoulder Patch into position Vintage Patch Refashion
Iron patches into position following instructions in the pack.

Wine T Shirt Stitch Patches Vintage Patch Refashion 
I prefer my patches overstitched; I’ve used a running stitch here.

Wine T Shirt Add Trim to lengthen Vintage Patch Refashion 
I wanted to add a trim at the bottom of the t shirt as it was a little on the short side.  As these patches are reclaimed from a shirt, I used the plackets from the same shirt to make the trim.  Where there’s a pattern which needs matching, I always baste before machine stitching as it helps stop the fabric slipping.

Wine T Shirt Finished Trim Vintage Patch Refashion
Here’s the finished trim.

Wine T Shirt After Vintage Patch Refashion 

The final result; I’m pretty pleased with it.  It was a useful exercise as I discovered there are lots of ways to position the shoulder patches to get different shape effects.  I’ll definitely be doing more shoulder patch refashions in the coming months.

What do you think?

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New additions to the shop for July 2013

Here are some of the latest additions to the shop this month.  Don't forget you can order in a variety of shapes – click on the product you like and view the dropdown list for the shape and size options.

161 Vintage-Patch Black Paisley Print Elbow Knee Patches
Black Paisley Print Elbow Knee Patches










162 Vintage Patch Green Paisley Elbow Knee Patches
Green Paisley Print Iron on Elbow or Knee Patches










163 Vintage-Patch Navy and Red Daisy Elbow or Knee Patches
Navy and Red Daisy Elbow or Knee Patches










164 Vintage Patch Vintage Navy Peach Large Flowers Elbow Knee Patches
Vintage Navy and Peach Floral Print











165 Vintage Patch Royal Blue Tea Rose Elbow Knee Patch
Royal Blue Tea Rose Iron On Elbow Knee Patch










166 Vintage-PatchTurquoise Broderie Suisse Elbow Knee Patches
Turquoise Embroidery Suisse Elbow Knee Patches










167 Vintage Patch Turquoise Pink Floral Elbow Knee Patch
Vintage Turquoise Pink Floral Iron On Elbow Knee Patch






168 Vintage-Patch White Broderie Anglais Elbow Knee Patches
White Broderie Anglais Elbow Knee Patches










169 Vintage-Patch White Deck of Cards Motif
White Deck of Cards Motif Iron on Elbow or Knee Patches










170 Vintage-Patch White Stars on Black Elbow Knee Patches
White Stars on Black iron on Elbow Knee Patches











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Facebook DEAL OF THE WEEK Store

Vintage-Patch Facebook Shopfront June 2013We're trialling a new Deal of the Week  Facebook Store for our facebook fans to use, which will give them access to our very latest new products at a discounted price for 1 week only before they are uploaded to our main website shop. 

Please note, this is not in any way a replacement for our usual web store here on this site, just an additional bonus store.  If the format is successful we'll also be using it for occasional flash sales and other promotional events, so there's never been a better time to add us to your social media circle.

Why not take a look at the Store, and grab a bargain but hurry, design quantities and time listed is strictly limited.



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New customising products to match your elbow or knee patches!

New to our range, and ideal for customising, Vintage-Patch Fabric Covered Buttons (2cm diameter) in matching fabric to your elbow / knee patches.

Vintage-Patch Fabric Covered Buttons set of 3Available in packs of 3 for £1.95 as an option on the dropdown list on each elbow patch design's page.

These buttons are made from recycled aluminium and are not suitable for upholstery applications.


Vintage-Patch Iron On Fabric Trim Strips 4cm x 50cm






If you are customising, you may also like these fabric trim strips, which have a multitude of uses; cut to size to make faux pocket flaps, sleeve cuffs, random stripes – you can even make a cardigan out of a sweater – see the tutorial here.

Like the buttons, these trims strips are available in many of our elbow patch fabrics at £4.95 for a pack of 2.  To purchase a pack of trim strips, please click on the elbow patch fabric design you like and choose the trim strips option from dropdown list if available.