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New customising products to match your elbow or knee patches!

New to our range, and ideal for customising, Vintage-Patch Fabric Covered Buttons (2cm diameter) in matching fabric to your elbow / knee patches.

Vintage-Patch Fabric Covered Buttons set of 3Available in packs of 3 for £1.95 as an option on the dropdown list on each elbow patch design's page.

These buttons are made from recycled aluminium and are not suitable for upholstery applications.


Vintage-Patch Iron On Fabric Trim Strips 4cm x 50cm






If you are customising, you may also like these fabric trim strips, which have a multitude of uses; cut to size to make faux pocket flaps, sleeve cuffs, random stripes – you can even make a cardigan out of a sweater – see the tutorial here.

Like the buttons, these trims strips are available in many of our elbow patch fabrics at £4.95 for a pack of 2.  To purchase a pack of trim strips, please click on the elbow patch fabric design you like and choose the trim strips option from dropdown list if available.



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December refashion: Frumpy cardigan to seasonal star

Makeover time!  Couldn’t resist this frumpy cardi from the charity shop this morning.  Although the style is dated, it’s pure wool and in really good condition. Hmmm, which way are the refashion cogs turning…. maybe a seasonal twist?  Christmas sweaters are on trend at the moment, so let’s follow that theme.

Light blue wool cardi small before vintage patch
Added some front darts to improve the shape

light blue wool cardi after vintage patch darts

The grey polkadot fabric of these star shaped elbow patches are reminiscent of snowflakes.

Light blue wool cardi small after vintage patch elbow patch

Add some smaller star shape applique patches to one pocket
Light blue wool cardi small after vintage patch pocket

Finish off by replacing the naff gold buttons with these gorgeous fabric covered ones.

Light blue wool cardi small after vintage patch buttons

Voila…we’re ready for Christmas Day!

Light blue wool cardi small after vintage patch shirt and belt





This was a quick refashion, taking not much more than an hour using Vintage-Patch iron on star shaped elbow patches and appliques – and some fabric covered buttons. The darts weren’t really necessary, but help shaping of the garment.  To see some of our range of patches, visit, or if you’d like a bespoke patches (or covered buttons) order, just email with an idea of what you’re looking for.