Beige & Cream Housemartins Print

Beige Housemartins Fabric Elbow Patches Small

Shown in Oval shape, please see table for all available shapes and sizes.

Fabric No 46
Beige & Cream Housemartins Motif, 100% cotton
Product Options
1Oval Adult£3.50
2Oval Child£2.99
3Heart Adult£3.50
4Heart Child£2.99
5Rounded Rectangle Adult£3.50
6Rounded Rectangle Child£2.99
7Square Adult£3.50
8Square Child£2.99
9Circle Adult£3.50
10Circle Child£2.99
11Fabric Trim Strips, Iron on, 4cm x 50cm (Pack of 2)£4.95
12Fabric Covered Buttons, 2cm, (Pack of 3)£1.95
Shipping Rate: A
Order Beige & Cream Housemartins Motif, 100% cotton
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