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Brown Floral Heart Elbow patches Vintage patch celebrates authentic vintage and interesting contemporary reclaimed fabrics by finding a new purpose for them as elbow, knee or repair patches and appliques to customise garments and accessories.  What a great way to achieve a whole new look in a quick, easy and budget friendly way. Take a look at our collection and let your imagination take charge.  Mix and match shapes, colours and prints; even add your own coordinating thread and embellishment for a truly ‘one of a kind’ effect. Your very own creation. Simply iron on to secure, then over stitch by hand or machine to secure permanently.

Spend some 'me time' customising a t shirt of your own design, or why not buy a party pack and enjoy an evening of creative fun with friends. A great idea for parties, hen nights and other fun occasions.
If you have any queries about our patches or products, please contact us by email at [email protected]

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12 thoughts on “About / Contact

  1. Jilly from Refashionista had you on her blog! Love your stuff but I take it you are in the UK. Do you have any retail outlets in the States that carry your product? Also sorry to say I don’t know what your prices are in American dollars. Also do you have a catalog to send away for? I know it’s a lot of questions but love your stuff! Thanks-Michelle

    • Hi Michelle, so pleased you like our patches. Yes we are UK based, but we ship free worldwide if you order over £10 worth from us – and for orders less than this amount you’ll find shipping is very attractive! Just visit our website http://www.vintage-patch.co.uk for more details (paypal should calculate your order in dollars I think). We also have patches on Ebay here. We will be looking for retail outlets in USA presently – so if you have any recommendations, that would be great! 🙂

  2. Couple of suggestions that might entice more customers here is if you also put up your prices in American dollars as well . Also as far as retail outlets their is a really cute accessory retail chain that is called Francessca’s. It is both in mall settings and shopping center settings. Women from teens on up shop there. Very cute accessories, I think your product would be a great fit for them! Good Luck! Love your stuff!

  3. Hi, I'm looking for very small, lightweight iron on patches that I can put on a very flimsy summer dress that has a stain I can't remove – a small flower would be ideal.  Do you do small patches around 2/3 cm diameter?



    • Hi there, thanks for the enquiry.  Yes I’m sure I can help with that.  I have quite a few flower shape appliques. Are you thinking of something with rounded petals or more like a daisy motif.  If you could email me a pic of the dress,and your preference (colour/plain/print) for the patch, I can send you some ideas on shape and maybe some suitable fabrics.  Also it would be helpful to know the fabric of the dress – just to be sure the patches will iron on ok.  Email me at [email protected]  
      Regards, Barbara

  4. Really lovely patches on your site here.

    A question: I would like to patch up some of my favourite jeans that have just split on the knees after four years of non-stop wear. The material is very thin now on the knee area and the jeans overall are made of 65% cotton, 30% polyester and 5% elastane. 

    Would your patches be strong enough to patch this sort of wear and tear? I have small children and am constantly on the go, bending up and down and sitting on the floor etc. Do you have any stretchy fabrics with a bit of elastane in them too?

    I'm looking for something tough, stretchy and durable and probably about four adult rectangle patches, two in blue jeans colour and two in random other colours, like the birds or flowers print.

    Can you recommend me the best on your site?

    Thank you


  5. Hello, are you still in business? There does not seem to have been any activity on neither your website nor FB.


    Anna Deslorieux

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