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Add an easy Faux Pocket to your Shirt

Vintage-Patch Pocket T Finished.jpg

Pocket T shirts are popular at the moment, but most times the pockets don't need to be useable. Here's a quick and easy way to add a faux pocket to update a plain T shirt using two Vintage-Patch rectangle elbow / knee patches. You need one patch if you want the pocket in a single colour, or two different design patches if you prefer contrasting as we have here.  We've used child size rectangle patches, but you could use the adult size for a larger pocket.

All Vintage-Patch Elbow and Knee patches in the store can be purchased as rectangles, even if shown as other shapes – just click on the rectangle option in the drop down list.

We also have a range of ready to use faux pockets here.

Adding your pocket to the front breast position is traditional, but they look great on sleeves too.

Vintage-Patch Rectangle Patches for Pocket T.jpg







Two of our rectangle iron on patches, plus a ruler and rotary cutter (scissors are fine if you don't have a rotary cutter)

Vintage-Patch Pocket T cut rectangle patch.jpg







Cut a strip about 2cm wide from one end of the patch

Vintage-Patch Pocket T matched squares.jpg







The strip you've cut provides a 'flap' effect when ironed in to position.

Vintage-Patch Pocket T remove backing from binding strip.jpg







Peel the backing paper off the strip, (leave backing paper on the main pocket piece for the time being).

Vintage-Patch Pocket T iron binding strip to pocket.jpg







Position strip carefully over the cut edge of the patch and iron on.

Vintage-Patch Pocket T mark position with pins.jpg







Mark position of pocket on your shirt with pins

Vintage-Patch Pocket T peel backing of pocket square.jpg







Peel backing paper off pocket and replace in required position on shirt.

Vintage-Patch Pocket T iron over patch with pressing cloth.jpg







Iron on using a damp pressing cloth.  *See full instructions for patch application here

Vintage-Patch Pocket T stitch around to secure permanently.jpg







Sew around pocket including the flap area, by hand or machine using a stitch you like to secure the pocket permanently. We've used a simple running stitch.

Vintage-Patch Pocket T Finished.jpg









Add a button in the centre of the contrast strip and  you're done!

Vintage-Patch Lilac Pocket T Shirt Finished.jpg














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And the winner is….

Congratulations to the winner of our February Giveaway, Hope, who commented on our blog: “I think my favourite patches would have to be the Beige and Cream Housemartins print in the Heart Adult size. So lovely. I would use them on the knees of my favourite jeans since they are wearing through.”

Well done Hope, you will receive a set of the patches you describe.

If you took part in the giveaway but didn’t win this time, keep an eye out, as we’ll be doing more contests in the coming months.

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Refashion Event, Oxford Town Hall, Tuesday 19th February 2013

Vintage-Patch is excited to be attending the ‘Refashion’ event in Oxford on 19th February, where we’ll be selling our range of iron on patches and giving a demo of how to carry out a simple refashion of a garment using them.  Why not bring along an old item of clothing yourself, to see which of our patches might give it a new lease of life!

We’re also offering a 10% discount on the day to anyone mentioning this blog or our facebook page when attending.

A little more information about the event

vintage patch blog recycle for oxfordshire poster 2013

After the success of last year’s Refashion event at Oxford Town Hall (700 visitors, masses of clothes swapped and recycled, excellent press and Green Apple environmental award) Oxford City Council is making it an annual event, and this year it happens on Tuesday 19th February between 1pm-7pm  in the Main Hall of the Town Hall. 

The day promises to be bigger and better than before, with more schools and colleges showcasing their work on the catwalk and more stalls selling upcycled textile crafts and clothes. 

Entry is free – we hope to see you there.

For more information visit the Recycle for Oxfordshire facebook page here.

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We have a bond

Vintage-Patch New adhesive test patchesWe love stitching and embellishing our elbow, knee and repair patches, but know that some of you out there aren’t fans of sewing and would prefer a ‘no sew’ product.  Whilst the current fusible adhesive we use is brilliant, in common with others on the market, it doesn’t always provide a long lasting bond on washables without additional stitching to secure it permanently.

So, we’ve been doing some research in to new adhesives which will offer a permanent bond with no additional needlework.   And, after not a little searching, we think we may have found one.

How exciting!  Here are our test patches, ironed on this afternoon; one denim, one woven cotton, one cotton jersey t shirting.  Now they are all set for a dozen rounds with the washing machine.  Watch this space and we’ll let you know they get on.


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Vintage-Patch February 2013 Giveaway

January 2013 elbow or knee patches in packs small

We are giving away up to 10 sets of Vintage-Patch Iron on Elbow, Knee or Repair patches in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs this February – the prize quantity will depend on the number of entries.

We’d love it if you could spread the word on your Facebook and/or Twitter status to ensure we get as many entries as possible.  This is not a condition of entry, but the prize quantity will be increased the more entries we receive, so you get more chance of winning!

50 entries            1 set
100 entries          3 sets
200 plus entries  10 sets

We will ship prizes free worldwide


1. From the Vintage-Patch Blog, click on the Products tab and choose your favourite set of patches currently on offer in our blog store.  If you don’t see anything you like there, visit our facebook store for more choices.

* Please note, as the blog store is very recently launched, new stock will continue to be added during the course of the competition. Winners may change their choice of design when notified.

2. Leave a comment on this blog post stating which design, shape and size of patches you would like if you were a winner, and what garment you might use them on.  If you prefer not to comment on our blog, you may email us this information.

Entries must be received by the closing date of Wednesday 20th February 2013 (GMT).

Good luck!


Giveaway closing date: Midnight Wednesday 20th February 2013 (GMT)

We may use your email address to contact you with details of future offers and giveaways.  We WILL NOT share your information.   Please advise us by email if you would prefer to opt out of future emails correspondence from us.

Winners will be drawn after the closing date and notified by email. Winners’ names will also be posted on the Vintage-Patch blog.


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We are adding….

…a store to the Vintage-Patch blog so you can buy any of the featured patches we write about without having to visit another website. We are testing various aspects of this at the moment, so you may click on blank pages or a non functioning shopping cart while this is happening. Apologies for any inconvenience, but rest assured all is in progress. Why not join our facebook page as we’ll be posting an annoucement there when the store is up and running.

Meantime, you can still buy a selection of our range from our website or Ebay here.