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New Patch Designs for June 2013

Strawberry Selection, Purple Stars, Yellow Daisies
Last month we showed a few of the new fabrics we've introduced for our 2013 Spring and Summer patch collection.

Here are some of the finished products, perfect for summertime refashions and repairs.   These patches are available in all our standard shapes and in adult and child sizes – just click on the Products page to see the range.

Paisley and Rose Spring 2013 Iron on Elbow Patches by Vintage Patch
Purple and Pink Roses, Red Paisley


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In the Frame

Vintage-Patch Iron on Fabric Frame Trims for cardmaking and needlecrafts  smallThese nifty fabric frames are a by-product of our  elbow patch manufacture, and we’ve found they work brilliantly as card toppers or for fabric crafts and applique. Simply remove backing paper, iron into position carefully (over stitch if a washable bond on fabric is needed)

Packs are Lucky Dip style, with a variety of designs and shapes (photos are a guide only, packs may differ in fabric designs). Aperture shapes are mainly oval, with occasional hearts or flowers in small and large sizes depending on stock.

Fabrics are a selection of mainly cotton print with some denim / faux suede fabrics dependent on what we have available.

Approximate sizing:

Large (fits A5 size card) 13cm x 17cm approx outside edge of rectangle. Oval aperture 15cm x 10.5cm, Heart aperture 14cm x 10cm

Small (15cm x 11cm) approx at outside edge of rectangle. Oval aperture 13cm x 9cm, Heart aperture 11cm x 8cm

We try to be generous with margins when cutting, but no guarantee on exact sizing or trim areas and widths can be given.

Available in packs of 5 or 20. Instructions included in pack.

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We have a Bond; the Results!

Vintage-Patch New adhesive test patchesYou may remember in February this year we started trialling a new adhesive for our patches which would provide a no sew option for those of you who don't enjoy stitching and embellishing your repairs.

Here's a link to the original post.

We applied various fabrics, including one denim, one woven cotton, and one cotton jersey t shirting to a scrap of old jeans material, and scheduled them for several machine washes.

We're thrilled to report that.the adhesive has stood up to laundering really well, and we're going to be using it in the manufacture of all our products once existing stocks have run out.

We're so impressed with the product that we're also going to be supplying the adhesive sheets on their own, so they can be used wiith your own fabrics to create motifs and carry out repairs.   Click here for more information on the Adhesive Sheets.

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New Reverse Repair Patch Kits

Our Reverse Repair Patch Kit has been designed for when you want to repair a hole in fabric from underneath.
Vintage-Patch Jeans Reverse Patch Repair Tear 1 small

Kits contain matching size squares of fabric and iron on adhesive
Vintage-Patch Reverse Patch Kit small

….and are available in denim
Vintage-Patch Jeans Reverse Repair small

…and poly cotton floral fabrics.

Vintage-Patch Jeans Light Blue Floral Reverse Repair small

Vintage-Patch Jeans Navy Floral Reverse Patch Repair small


1. Ensure your patch is large enough.  If the hole or tear is untidy, now is the time to cut a more uniform aperture if you want to.

Vintage-Patch Jeans Reverse Repair size of patch small
2. It's essential to have plenty of margin around the hole you need to repair so there is adequate room for glue coverage. Patch kits come in two sizes, 10 x 10cm and 15 x 15cm..
Vintage-Patch Jeans Reverse Repair allow margins
3. Place glue sheet underneath fabric, shiny (glue) side down.  Ideally keep the straight edges of the paper running in the same direction as the grain of the fabric
Vintage-Patch Jeans Reverse Repair mark edges with pencil small
4. Carefully mark the edges of the hole on the glue paper with a pencil.  Now is a good time to also mark the direction of the fabric grain on the paper with an arrow which will help placement of the patch later.
Vintage-Patch Jeans Reverse Repair cut hole in glue sheet small
5. Cut about 2mm outside the edge of the pencil marks so the paper hole is very slightly larger than the one in your garment.
Vintage-Patch Jeans Reverse Repair Hole cut into glue sheet small
6. Place glue paper on top of the right side of the fabric patch. Make sure the arrow you've marked is running in the same direction as the fabric grain.  Iron paper
Vintage-Patch Jeans Reverse Repair position glue sheet onto fabric patch small
7. Iron glue paper onto fabric patch with a medium hot iron for 5 – 20 seconds.  Allow to cool briefly.
Vintage-Patch Jeans Reverse Repair Iron glue sheet onto patch small
8. Peel off adhesive backing paper
Vintage-Patch Jeans Reverse Repair Peel glue sheet backing paper away small
9. You should clearly see the layer of glue coverage once you've peeled the backing paper away.
Vintage-Patch Jeans Reverse Repair denim patch with glue  free area small
10. Place fabric patch behind hole in the garment.   Make very sure that the patch is placed so that there is no glue showing around the edges of the aperature (as in the picture below) as this could  stick to the hot iron and make a mess.
Vintage-Patch Jeans Reverse repair ensure glue is not visible at edges of hole small
11. The placement of the patch in the picture below is correct.
Vintage-Patch Jeans Reverse Repair Position fabric underneath hole carefully small
12. With a medium to hot (not max temp) iron, press over the hole briefly for initial fix, then cover  area with a thin, slightly damp cloth (a muslin or thin tea towel works well) and press for 20 – 60 seconds  from both sides of the repair until garment and fabric has dried and a good fix has been achieved.
Vintage-Patch Jeans Reverse Repair iron using damp cloth small
13. Pay attention to the edges of the patch, but avoid lifting them to check for fix until fabric has cooled.
Vintage-Patch Jeans Reverse Repair iron from back small
14. The finished repair.  Providing your Reverse Patch has been applied correctly, the glue used for it should give a good fix for items washable at 40 degrees without further sewing, but for a better finished appearance, we always recommend sewing around your repair by hand or machine.
Vintage-Patch Jeans Reverse Repair small
Running stitch using contrast embroidery floss.
Vintage-Patch running stitched Jean Reverse Repair small
Why not try a chain stitch or other decorative embellishment.
Vintage-Patch running and chain stitched Jean Reverse Repair small

See our current range of Reverse Repair Patch Kits

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New in the shop this April

Check out the latest additions to the Vintage-Patch iron on patches range in our online store this April.  You may have seen some of these designs on our Ebay pages, but now as well as oval shape elbow and knee patches, these fabrics are available in rectangle, heart, circle, square and flower.  Just see the product descriptions for more options to choose from.

Brown Floral Heart Elbow patches no border_opt


Vintage Brown Floral Print

Dark Purple & Green Roses.jpg







Dark Purple and Green Roses

Pink and Black Floral Print





Pink and Black Floral Print

Cream tattersall check Elbow Patches small by Vintage Patch







Cream Tattersall Check

Fawn and Pink Floral Elbow Patches by Vinrtage-Patch small






Fawn and Pink Floral Print

Light Blue Trailing Rose Print Elbow Patch by Vintage-Patch small





Light Blue Trailing Rose

Navy floral elbow patches by Vintage-Patch small






Navy Blue Floral Poly Cotton Print

Cream Skulls and Roses Print Elbow Patches by Vintage-Patch small





Cream and Red Skulls and Roses Motif

Peach and Blue Floral Print Elbow Patches by Vintage-Patch small





Peach and Blue Floral Print



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Crocus colours for Mother’s Day


Purple Crocus photo by Sharee Basinger

Mother’s Day confirms that however uninspiring the weather, Spring is on the way.  Some mums may have received a pot of vibrant colours in the form of of that intrepid early flower, the Crocus, and to celebrate them we’ve introduced a new line of plain fabric patches in spring colours reminiscent of their cheerful hues.



The iron on lightweight poly cotton patches featured here are flower shape, 11cm diameter and can be purchased as singles, pairs (great as decorative elbow patches) or in sets of 3 mixed or matching colour appliques.

If you prefer a more traditional shape, the fabric can be cut to any of the elbow or knee patch shapes we offer (Oval, Heart, Square, Rounded Rectangle and Circle), just click on your choice from the dropdown list on each product’s page.

purple ditsy oval elbow patch small


To purchase any of our patches, visit our PRODUCTS page and click on the patches you would like, then choose your size and design from the table and dropdown list shown on the page.


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Add an easy Faux Pocket to your Shirt

Vintage-Patch Pocket T Finished.jpg

Pocket T shirts are popular at the moment, but most times the pockets don't need to be useable. Here's a quick and easy way to add a faux pocket to update a plain T shirt using two Vintage-Patch rectangle elbow / knee patches. You need one patch if you want the pocket in a single colour, or two different design patches if you prefer contrasting as we have here.  We've used child size rectangle patches, but you could use the adult size for a larger pocket.

All Vintage-Patch Elbow and Knee patches in the store can be purchased as rectangles, even if shown as other shapes – just click on the rectangle option in the drop down list.

We also have a range of ready to use faux pockets here.

Adding your pocket to the front breast position is traditional, but they look great on sleeves too.

Vintage-Patch Rectangle Patches for Pocket T.jpg







Two of our rectangle iron on patches, plus a ruler and rotary cutter (scissors are fine if you don't have a rotary cutter)

Vintage-Patch Pocket T cut rectangle patch.jpg







Cut a strip about 2cm wide from one end of the patch

Vintage-Patch Pocket T matched squares.jpg







The strip you've cut provides a 'flap' effect when ironed in to position.

Vintage-Patch Pocket T remove backing from binding strip.jpg







Peel the backing paper off the strip, (leave backing paper on the main pocket piece for the time being).

Vintage-Patch Pocket T iron binding strip to pocket.jpg







Position strip carefully over the cut edge of the patch and iron on.

Vintage-Patch Pocket T mark position with pins.jpg







Mark position of pocket on your shirt with pins

Vintage-Patch Pocket T peel backing of pocket square.jpg







Peel backing paper off pocket and replace in required position on shirt.

Vintage-Patch Pocket T iron over patch with pressing cloth.jpg







Iron on using a damp pressing cloth.  *See full instructions for patch application here

Vintage-Patch Pocket T stitch around to secure permanently.jpg







Sew around pocket including the flap area, by hand or machine using a stitch you like to secure the pocket permanently. We've used a simple running stitch.

Vintage-Patch Pocket T Finished.jpg









Add a button in the centre of the contrast strip and  you're done!

Vintage-Patch Lilac Pocket T Shirt Finished.jpg














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And the winner is….

Congratulations to the winner of our February Giveaway, Hope, who commented on our blog: “I think my favourite patches would have to be the Beige and Cream Housemartins print in the Heart Adult size. So lovely. I would use them on the knees of my favourite jeans since they are wearing through.”

Well done Hope, you will receive a set of the patches you describe.

If you took part in the giveaway but didn’t win this time, keep an eye out, as we’ll be doing more contests in the coming months.

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Refashion Event, Oxford Town Hall, Tuesday 19th February 2013

Vintage-Patch is excited to be attending the ‘Refashion’ event in Oxford on 19th February, where we’ll be selling our range of iron on patches and giving a demo of how to carry out a simple refashion of a garment using them.  Why not bring along an old item of clothing yourself, to see which of our patches might give it a new lease of life!

We’re also offering a 10% discount on the day to anyone mentioning this blog or our facebook page when attending.

A little more information about the event

vintage patch blog recycle for oxfordshire poster 2013

After the success of last year’s Refashion event at Oxford Town Hall (700 visitors, masses of clothes swapped and recycled, excellent press and Green Apple environmental award) Oxford City Council is making it an annual event, and this year it happens on Tuesday 19th February between 1pm-7pm  in the Main Hall of the Town Hall. 

The day promises to be bigger and better than before, with more schools and colleges showcasing their work on the catwalk and more stalls selling upcycled textile crafts and clothes. 

Entry is free – we hope to see you there.

For more information visit the Recycle for Oxfordshire facebook page here.