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Wine Plaid Shoulder Patch T-Shirt Refashion

It took a spell of warm weather to realise how overdue I was in dealing with the quantity of t shirts mounting up in my ‘refashion’ pile.  I’d been thinking that a set of elbow patches could easily double as shoulder patches. Now was my chance to test the theory.

Wine T Shirt Before Vintage Patch Refashion
Before:  I’ve had this t shirt a while but I’m quite fond of the scoop neck, so decided to see if it could be given a new lease of life.

Wine T Shirt After Vintage Patch Refashion 
After: With the help of some plaid elbow patches and some matching scrap fabric,  I’m pleased to say that it could.

Here’s how the refashion happened:

Wine T Shirt Plaid Patchc Vintage Patch Refashion
These Vintage-Patch Plaid Elbow / Knee patches were a great colour match.

Wine T Shirt Fold Patch Down Centre Vintage Patch Refashion
Fold patches down the centre

Wine T Shirt Align patch along seam Vintage Patch Refashion
Align the fold of the patch along the shoulder seam and pin into position.

Wine T Shirt Mark Neck and Sleeve Lines Vintage Patch Refashion
Mark the neck and sleeve lines; I’ve used a wheel, but you could just fold the patch along the curves to mark them.

Wine T Shirt Match Second patch Vintage Patch Refashion

Cut the patch to shape, and then with right sides together (and matching any patterns if necessary), use it as a template to cut the second patch.

Wine T Shirt Neck and Sleeve Lines Trimmed Vintage Patch Refashion 
The trimmed patch placed in position.

Wine T Shirt iron shoulder Patch into position Vintage Patch Refashion
Iron patches into position following instructions in the pack.

Wine T Shirt Stitch Patches Vintage Patch Refashion 
I prefer my patches overstitched; I’ve used a running stitch here.

Wine T Shirt Add Trim to lengthen Vintage Patch Refashion 
I wanted to add a trim at the bottom of the t shirt as it was a little on the short side.  As these patches are reclaimed from a shirt, I used the plackets from the same shirt to make the trim.  Where there’s a pattern which needs matching, I always baste before machine stitching as it helps stop the fabric slipping.

Wine T Shirt Finished Trim Vintage Patch Refashion
Here’s the finished trim.

Wine T Shirt After Vintage Patch Refashion 

The final result; I’m pretty pleased with it.  It was a useful exercise as I discovered there are lots of ways to position the shoulder patches to get different shape effects.  I’ll definitely be doing more shoulder patch refashions in the coming months.

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