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Iron on Fabric Adhesive Sheet, No Sew Permanent Bond



A special heat activated adhesive sheet using the latest standard in bonding agents developed for the clothing industry to provide a more robust result than many of the fusible bonding products currently on the market, becoming almost permanent and machine washable at 40 degrees without stitching *on most fabrics.

We were so impressed by this product that we use it for products in the ‘Vintage-Patch’ range of iron on elbow, knee and repair patches. Now you can use it too, to make iron on shapes of your choice in your own fabrics, without further sewing  on suitable fabrics (see advice below).

The sheet size is approximately A4 (21cm x 30cm)

Simple to apply: Place the shiny (glue) side of the sheet down on the back of a piece of fabric you wish to create designs with, and apply medeium heat to iron it into position. Allow to cool, then draw out the motif shape you require, cut out and your design is ready to use.

To apply to a garment, home furnishing or other item, carefully peel off the backing from the shape to expose the shiny glue covering. Place motif in position and press with a hot iron (cotton setting) for 60 seconds from both sides if possible, paying attention to the edges, until well bonded. Lay work flat and allow to cool for 10  minutes.  You can cover the garment with a thin pressing cloth (muslin or thin tea towel is ideal) to protect your fabric, but you may need extra pressing time.

Full instructions are included with each pack.

Lots of of uses: appliqués, motifs, letters and numbers to personalise items, hemming strips, repairs patches and much more.

Once in place the item is fully machine washable and can be ironed as normal providing the fabric you apply it to is suitable (see advice below).  *Tumble dried items will require additional stitching.

The adhesive is designed to bond permanently to most widely used tight weave fabrics such as cotton, cotton blends, denim, polyester, viscose, and other blends so long as they can withstand high temperatures during the iron on process.

1. Motifs and patches applied to garments which require a lower iron temperature – such as woollen and sythetic jumpers
2. Fabrics with a loose weave, or which are stretchy (such as cotton jersey) or textured (such as velvet, suede, boucle etc) as they may not offer a stable surface for a strong bond without the fibres coming loose
3. Articles which will be tumble dried
4. Articles which are heavy duty which will be washed often
Nylon, fabrics with waterproof or special finishes or very stretchy or elasticated fabrics

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Iron on Fabric Adhesive Sheet, No Sew Permanent Bond