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A Little Heart Makes all the Difference – Iron On Patches Valentines Challenge Finale

So, a little after the fact, and almost a week of Valentine’s themed refashions later,  I have had to cram more than one garment  into this last day’s post.  There are five items to be precise – two cardigans, shorts, leggings and a skirt, all transformed with mini elbow or knee patches and our range of iron on heart applique patches which are smaller motifs available in three sizes.

The Valentine’s Challenge

The Challenge was set to celebrate the launch of Vintage-Patch’s new range of mini Iron on Elbow and Knee patches which are great for smaller size childrens’ clothes.  I wanted to see how many charity shop cast offs from this bundle could be refashioned into something cool before 14th February.

How many upcycled transformations can we make from this heap of kids clothes?

Equipment and Materials

The Raw Materials:  Two cardigans, a pair of leggings, a skirt and a pair of shorts (not all are pictured)

Additional Equipment: My go to patch application kit includes and iron, tape measure or ruler, and pins or chalk to mark position plus needle and thread and scissors.

Last but not least, my choice from the following elbow, knee and smaller applique patches.

Vintage-Patch range of iron on patches and appliques

Light Green & Pink Rose Print Cotton Iron On Elbow / Knee Patches
Brown Rose Sprig Print Cotton Iron On Elbow / Knee Patches







3 Iron on Denim Heart Patches for Applique, Repairs, Customising








3 Iron on Red and Pink Cotton Heart Patches for Applique, Repairs, Customising









3 Iron on Red and Pink Cotton Print Heart Patches for Applique, Repairs, Customising

The Refashion

Once I’d measured where the patches should go, I removed the patch backing and ironed them into position with a hot dry iron.  The skirt took a set each of dark blue and faded blue denim appliques – six  patches in total, and I think the contrast shades look great as border to the skirt.

All the patches were finished off with with a line of running stitch around the edge.  I used matching thread for the denim patches and contrast for the cotton ones pictured above.

Full instructions for our patches are in each pack or we have a great tutorial online -just check out our INSTRUCTIONS.

The Result!

Vintage-Patch Mini Range of Iron on Patches for Children

The new ‘Mini’ range of iron on elbow and knee patches is available in heart, circle, square and oval shapes.  They join adult and child size patches in most of our usual fabrics. Simply choose the patch fabric design you like (shown in our shop as oval by default) and then select your preferred size and shape from the options button.  TIP – Check which measurements will be suitable for your garment. These are listed in the ‘additional information’ section.

For this final challenge I have also used the Vintage-Patch iron on applique range. These sets of three decorative patches are available in a choice of sizes, shades and patterns. You can have great fun using them quickly decorate and repair jeans, jackets, coats, t shirts, bags, childrens’ clothes and more.

The 2019 Valentine’s Challenge

So here, in a nutshell is the 2019 Valentine’s Challenge.  A bundle of no hopers given a shot of boutique style.



Why not have a go yourself?  Better still, email me a photo of your creation so I  can feature it on the website.

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