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Valentine’s Refashion Challenge 2019, Day 1 – In the Pink Gingham Leggings

Join us and get creative! To celebrate the launch our new range of mini patches suitable for smaller size childrens’ clothes, we’re having a Valentines challenge to see how many garments from a heap of charity shop cast offs can be refashioned into something lovely before 14th February.  In the coming days, I’m going to do my best to bring you some neat ideas that will transform them from boring to boutique, but don’t worry, not everyone wants hearts and flowers so there’ll be a generous sprinkling of boyish themes as well.

By the way, our new ‘Mini’ range (heart, circle and square shapes) is available in the fabrics in the photo above and can be purchased by choosing Mini from the options here . Mini patches will be available in other designs in the coming days, but if there’s something specific you’d like, just send us a message and we can help.

How many upcycled transformations can we make from this heap of kids clothes?
First out of the pile, this pair of pink leggings.

Time to start with this pair of raspberry pink leggings.  Useful, but so in need of little update so what could be a better match than pink gingham hearts?  Our mini packs currently have a free sample of iron on ric rac or plain trim included, so this was used around the bottom of the legs, making sure to stretch the fabric when applying so little feet can still fit through!

With correct application, our patches can be left unsewn once ironed on, but a line of running stitch around the edges in matching or contrast thread is the work of a moment and finishes them off beautifully!

So, I hope day one of the challenge has inspired you.  Day two is coming soon, but meantime, why not have a go yourself and email us a photo of your creation so we can feature it on the website.  If you’d like more help with the patch application process, we have some helpful tutorials here.

(Click on the oval patch fabric you like and choose ‘mini’ from the dropdown options)

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