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Vintage-Patch Iron & Sew Pastel Cotton Shades Fray Edge Patch Kit


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The easy and eco friendly way to repair or decorate your clothes in a casual homespun style is with our Vintage-Patch Iron & Sew Pastel Cotton Shades Fray Edge Patch Kit containing a selection of eight (8) random shape and size patches with an iron on backing for ease of use.

Each Vintage-Patch Iron & Sew Pastel Cotton Shades Fray Edge Patch Kit is created using a high proportion of reclaimed and vintage fabrics and may feature occasional distressing and irregularity to the fabric depending on its origin. We believe this adds to the charm of our kits but rest assured our materials are carefully checked to ensure they are strong, attractive and sturdy enough for a hardwearing repair.

Simply peel off the backing paper, place the patch over an area you wish to repair or customise and iron on following the instructions in the pack.  Finish the repair with a simple line of running stitch around the edge of each patch for a permanent durable result that will last many washes and wears.

Our Vintage-Patch Iron & Sew  Pastel Cotton Shades Fray Edge Patch Kits contain one patch in each of the following colours:  light mint green, spring green, light blue, turquoise, pink, peach, lavender purple and light primrose yellow.  The patches are irregular handcut shapes with sizes ranging between 12cm to 4cm the long side.  A rough guide to contents is 1 large, 3 medium, 4 small (please see photos) but actual contents are unique from pack to pack. *As a guide to scale, the packaging shown in the photo measures 15cm high x 10cm wide.

All kits feature a margin of fabric that will fray naturally with wash and wear (see photo).  You can of course trim the edges of the patch flush with the  glued backing for a neater edge if you prefer.

Vintage-Patch Fray Edge Kits are made from reclaimed and contemporary fabrics and are also available in denim making them the perfect option for quick and easy upcycling of jeans, jackets, sweatshirts, skirts, home furnishings and more.

Each pack contains full instructions for application, and you can also view our pictorial tutorials for greater detail on the link below.


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