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Crocus colours for Mother’s Day


Purple Crocus photo by Sharee Basinger

Mother’s Day confirms that however uninspiring the weather, Spring is on the way.  Some mums may have received a pot of vibrant colours in the form of of that intrepid early flower, the Crocus, and to celebrate them we’ve introduced a new line of plain fabric patches in spring colours reminiscent of their cheerful hues.



The iron on lightweight poly cotton patches featured here are flower shape, 11cm diameter and can be purchased as singles, pairs (great as decorative elbow patches) or in sets of 3 mixed or matching colour appliques.

If you prefer a more traditional shape, the fabric can be cut to any of the elbow or knee patch shapes we offer (Oval, Heart, Square, Rounded Rectangle and Circle), just click on your choice from the dropdown list on each product’s page.

purple ditsy oval elbow patch small


To purchase any of our patches, visit our PRODUCTS page and click on the patches you would like, then choose your size and design from the table and dropdown list shown on the page.


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