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School Uniform Repair Kit Cotton Patches plus Adhesive Sheet for DIY Mending Fabric



We know keeping School Uniform looking smart can be an expensive challenge so we’ve created this Trio of three 10cm square plain cotton Iron on Repair Patches plus an adhesive sheet by Vintage-Patch.  Pure cotton or cotton blend fabric and superior washable OEKO-TEX® adhesive backing, heat activated for application with a domestic iron. Our patches are made using reclaimed fabric when stocks allow,  offering you an eco friendly and thrifty way to lengthen the life of your clothes.

Quantity: Pack of 3 x 10cm patches plus an A5 Adhesive Sheet for use with your own fabric.

Designer’s note:
Our school uniform repair kits contain a choice of commonly used colours, alongside an adhesive sheet so you can make your own DIY mending fabric and repair patches, reclaiming fabric from ‘past their best’ school clothes you may already have. The best fabric and colour matches are quite likely to come from existing uniform you may have been planning to consign to the recycling bin, so now you can make use of it!  Simply iron our adhesive sheet onto the back of fabric from old trousers, skirts etc and cut whatever shape and size patch you need.  Our adhesive sheet is super versatile; as well as making your own mending fabric, you can stretch your budget by cutting it to use as hemming strips, or even back it with white fabric, and use a sharpie fabric marker to make your own name tapes.

These square trios come in the following colour combinations (*see my other listings for similar trios including black instead of dark grey)
Dark Grey, Black, White
Dark Grey, Light Grey, White
Dark Grey, Navy Blue, White
Dark Grey, Royal Blue, White
Dark Grey, Red, White
Dark Grey, Maroon, White
Dark Grey, Dark Green, White

If there isn’t a trio to suit you, do email us and we may be able to make up a custom pack.  Or, if you need extra patches of a certain colour, check out our plain elbow and knee patch selection where you have a multitude of choices in size, shape and colour.

Our unique iron on patches and applique motifs are handmade from a variety of vintage inspired (new), authentic vintage or reclaimed contemporary fabrics. Repair or customise a favourite sweater, jacket, top, trousers, workwear or school uniform. Easy to apply: Simply iron on our patches to secure, and over stitch by hand or machine to give a permanent fix. *Sewing may not be required on some fabrics – please see our Patch Tutorials or instructions in the pack for further information.

For lightweight garments such as fine wool sweaters, t shirts and shirts, or customising, choose our lightweight cotton or cotton blend fabrics. For heavy duty wear, ie chunky sweaters, jackets, jeans, check out our other products for cotton drill, denim or corduroy patches.

All Vintage-Patch patches are easy to sew and can be trimmed to size with scissors if necessary. (Instructions for iron on process and test sample included in pack).

Perfect for upcycling and visible mending to prolong the life of your clothes. So quick and easy to apply. Extend your wardrobe’s wearability and interest with our economical and stylish solution for a unique new look at low cost.

Additional information

Dimensions N/A
Cotton Patch Shape

Cotton Patch Size

Patch Colour

Black, Dark Green, White Trio, Black, Dark Grey, White Trio, Black, Light Grey, White Trio, Black, Maroon, White Trio, Black, Navy Blue, White Trio, Black, Red, White Trio, Black, Royal Blue, White Trio, Dark Grey, Dark Green, White Trio, Dark Grey, Light Grey, White Trio, Dark Grey, Maroon, White Trio, Dark Grey, Navy Blue, White Trio, Dark Grey, Red, White Trio, Dark Grey, Royal Blue, White Trio




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